CCR Expo – Clinical, Cosmetic & Reconstructive – 2016

2 Nov 2016 / Emma Smyth

Some of the many exciting aspects of working in the world of aesthetics, are the amazing conferences available for you to attend as a practitioner! And the annual CCR Expo  (Clinical, Cosmetic & Reconstructive) is one of the UK’s largest and finest. Jam packed with exhibitors, lecturers and live demonstrations, the 2 day event is bursting with aesthetics practitioners seeking to stock the best products and practice the latest techniques in the industry.

I attended on behalf of Countryside Cosmetics, to see what else I could bring to the company and of course, to my clients. Key themes included anatomy, advanced injectables, complication management and up and coming treatments. One of the most exciting things I’ve come away with, is the new range of syringes and needles, designed to maximize client comfort during procedures. Read my blog post on the invisible needle by TSK to find out more!

CCR Expo – Clinical, Cosmetic & Reconstructive – 2016

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