Mid/Lower Facial Rejuvenation: The Non-Surgical Facelift

26 Jun 2018 / Emma Smyth

During a consultation, I am often asked to discuss which of my treatments is most popular. The answer happens to vary greatly depending on the age category at hand. For example, few of us are overly concerned with the concept of ageing in our early 20’s and therefore, procedures that aim to contour or enhance areas such as the lips and cheeks are high in demand. The undeniable expansion of social media appears to have influenced how our generation defines beauty, with perfection now seemingly obtainable. Managing expectations and building confidence is, as ever, a very important part of my role.

In my experience, most of us begin to notice the first signs of ageing in our 30’s, when expressive lines become visible at rest, due partly to a decrease in collagen and elasticity within the skin. For this, Botulinum Toxin (Botox ®) is my go to product. Relaxing muscle movement reduces the amount of creasing to the above skin, allowing it time to rejuvenate and lines to soften with time. While perfect as a stand alone treatment, chemical peels happen to complement Botox ® beautifully, providing deep exfoliation and boosting collagen levels that result in vast improvements to skin tone and texture.

Ageing is a process that effects each of us differently, with genetics and the environment playing a large role in the changes that unfold. As we mature past 40 it is common to experience a more notable decrease in facial volume, skin laxity and bone density. And while Botox ® certainly has it’s place in this mix, structural dermal fillers to the cheeks and jawline provide pleasing results. Shrunken fat pads of the mid face, gone south with gravity, can be revolumised, lifted and returned to a more youthful position, thus reducing the facial shadowing that we strongly associate with growing older. Mid facial lines such as the Nasolabial or Marionettes, respond positively to support with softer more flexible fillers. This  combination treatment provides a holistic approach to gentle and most importantly, natural facial restoration and has soared in popularity in recent years. More commonly referred to as the  ‘Non-Surgical facelift’ or the “Liquid Facelift’ dermal fillers provide an affordable, safer alternative to more invasive surgical options.

The photo above demonstrates injection sites that I focus on when performing such a procedure, using cannula technique (long, round ended needle) to increase safety and reduce side effects such as bruising and swelling.

Figure 1: Three injection points.

Figure 2: Marking the deep injections.

Figure 3: Marking the superficial injections

Mid and lower face treatment prices start from £400, and are based on the number of syringes required. Packages are also available to provide more affordable options for treatment.

For further information, please contact Nurse Prescriber Emma Smyth on 07921 630060

Mid/Lower Facial Rejuvenation: The Non-Surgical Facelift

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