The Prestigious Cosmetics Courses: My Training in a Nutshell

1 Aug 2016 / Emma Smyth

It’s 2016 and the Aesthetics industry is booming! Gone are the days where people conceal the treatments they’ve had in order to maintain or enhance their appearance. And while this is a good thing, it isn’t without its complications. The industry is becoming saturated with newly instated training facilities, ranging in quality, offering a variety of courses in exchange for health professional’s hard earned cash.  Because of this, I chose to train with the prestigious Cosmetics Courses, due to their outstanding reputation amongst other professionals in the industry.

Cosmetic Courses is owned by Adrian Richards, a consultant plastic surgeon and an expert in his field. The training facility offers an extensive range of courses, from foundation to expert level.

One of the many benefits of training with Cosmetic Courses is the access you have to their extensive model base. Built and maintained through the company’s reputation for excellence, as a trainee practitioner, nothing can replace good old-fashioned hands on experience.

When shopping for an Aesthetics practitioner, it is incredibly important for you, the client, to do your research. Not all practitioners are equal. Always invest in someone who has invested in themselves. And by this, I mean their training.

Since beginning my journey, I have successfully completed an array of courses, starting with my foundation level in Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Fillers, before moving on to more specialised training. When learning a new technique, I always invest in 1-2-1 training sessions and avoid group sessions at all costs. Working this ways allows me the full attention of the trainer and ensures that I personally perform each of the treatments and that my skills are finely tuned by the end of each class.

Once qualified, I spent a long time sourcing my own models and perfecting my skills, to ensure that the treatments I provide were performed to the highest level before offering them to the general public.

As I continue forward, I will endeavor to devour every research paper, every text book, attend every conference and be confident in providing safe and effective treatments to my clients.

If you are interested in training with Cosmetic Courses, their website can be found at:

The Prestigious Cosmetics Courses: My Training in a Nutshell

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