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There are plenty of benefits to growing older and wiser. However not everyone is as keen on the anatomical changes that alter our appearance. Volume depletions are one of the many signs of ageing, with lifestyle choices often contributing to an uneven decline of facial fat. For example, favouring sleeping on one side of the body over the other may result in a more dramatic flattening of volume to that side of the face.

Common symptoms of volume loss include:

  • Facial Sagging or Jowls
  • Skin Folds
  • Etched Facial Lines
  • Laughter lines

There are many factors that influence facial volume and how we age for example, hormonal changes (such as those experienced through menopause), environmental impacts (UV damage, pollution, stress or smoking), yo-yo dieting/high impact exercise (leading to mechanical wear and tear, inflammation and/or hormonal changes) and genetics. And while good genes are favourable, this remains to be a lottery that in reality we have very little say over. Fortunately, we exist in a time where we are blessed with an ever-expanding choice of treatment solutions to better manage the symptoms of ageing.

Due to the complexity and unique way in which we age, it is crucial for us to be treated as individuals when it comes to treatment planning, and therefore it is highly advisable to see a clinician who favours individual assessment, to allow correct diagnosis of the anatomical structures in need of a little support. Performed properly, this will allow for robust treatment planning that aims to provide you with pleasing results.

If you are interested in learning more about our treatments to replenish lost volume, then please refer to the recommended treatments section of this page.

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